Deploy a whole training infrastructure easily

AO-IS Training is a Software as a Service product that help you to create training labs on virtual machines hosted in the cloud, on-demand and immediately.

When the lab is created, you can run a new training session by filling participants' mail addresses.

The lab will be duplicated for each participant. And they will receive remote connections to their virtual machines.

During the training session, the trainer can share screen or take control on all trainee machines.

Independant Software Vendor (ISV) : Train your new users

As an ISV, you need to know both technology and business domain of our customers.

When you add new features to your software, or get a new customer you often need to train their staff periodically so they can be effective.

Your current process for this need should be something like this:

  • Form a team to get the hardware and software set up correctly in an improvised training room.
  • Or send your team to the customer's enterprise, so you can train on the end user's machine directly.

In the first case, you distract your team from what it does better : improving your product. Instead, they are stuck at deploying a training infrastructure, and it is something you don't likely know well in your business domain.

In the second case, you will loose time on the difference of configuration between trainee's machine. You might corrupt production data, or skip the practice parts of your training because you are afraid to break the production environment.

With AO-IS Training, you can create a controlled training environment, deployable without any technical knowledge.

Training centers : Offshore your training

In some case, your customer prefers being trained inside its own enterprise, with its own computer. It means that you don't control machine's configuration, as you already do inside your training center.

Because of that, some of the vendor's hands-on labs can't be used, the training session will not be optimal.

With AO-IS Training, your training environment will be controlled even during offshore training.

How does it work ?

This walkthrough will help you to create your first training lab on "Active Directory", then you will see how to start a new training session for your customers.

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Create an default lab

  • Create a new lab, and name it Active Directory
  • Add two new virtual machines to your lab, Server and Client
  • Click on the System Disk of the first machine
  • You can see your disk gallery. It is empty right now, so click on the "Import" button.
  • Name the new VHD win2008, and select a Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system
  • You can see your new disk in the gallery, click on it to attach it to your lab's machine.
  • Now do the same thing for the lab's machine "Client".

Customize your lab

When the real training session will start :

  • Participants should not have to install Active Directory on the "Server" machine,
  • The training documentation should be present on the "Client" machine.

For this purpose, we will need to modify our new disk by creating a training session with an special participant with "Installation" rights.

  • Run a new session of your lab, call it "Install"
  • Add a new participant, name it "Installer"
  • Click on the toolbox to mark this participant as an installer
  • Then click on the "Run Session" button to start all virtual machines
  • Wait virtual machines to be started (between 5 and 10 minutes), then right click on the server machine/Connect/RDP
  • Enter username Trainee and password P@ssw0rdAO-IS
  • Install Active Directory on this new machine (with dcpromo.exe)
  • Once installed, go to, and click on "Save my disks now", this will modify the win2008.vhd from your gallery, so, during the real training session every trainee will get a dedicated machine with Active Directory already installed.

With the same steps, install the training documentation on the second machine and save the disk.

Start your first real training session

  • Delete the "Installer" session (right click on it in AO-IS Training, "Delete this session")
  • Click on the Active Directory lab, and then on the "create a new session" button
  • Add participants, their email address, and they will recieve a remote connection to their dedicated machine by email.
  • Everything is set training can start !
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